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Impact DC is a new initiative for The District Church launching March 2017 centered around expanding our ministry footprint for a greater impact in our city. We recently had a huge answer to our prayer in being able to purchase a building that we will renovate to create a ministry center to expand our current community efforts and launch new ones. This building is in the Brookland neighborhood of DC and will serve as the ministry base for our multiplication efforts.

Once renovated, this ministry center will serve as the following:

  1. A base to plant more parishes
  2. A center for counseling & recovery
  3. A home for District Fellows
  4. A hub for DC127
  5. A residence for new justice ministries

Hear from Pastor Aaron Graham about the vision of the new ministry center.

ImpactDC Video 1  

 Watch testimonies from leaders in our church about why they are excited for Impact DC.

Impact DC - Planting New Parishes & Raising Leaders in our Church

Impact DC - Counseling & Recovery Ministry

Impact DC - DC127 & New Justice Ministries

Impact DC - Commitment Sunday

How To Participate

Pray. Ask that we, as a church, become more dependent on God and pray for God to reveal how he is leading you to be a part of this initiative.

Give. Play a part in our vision by making a donation on or before Commitment Sunday, April 2, 2017.

Pledge. Invest in Impact DC by making a 2-year financial commitment to this initiative above and beyond your regular giving to the church.


A Base to Plant New Parishes

We believe God is calling us to be a multiplying church that continues to grow the number of disciples, leaders, parishes, and urban ministries. We are always praying about and looking for leaders who will help us be a part of the next District Church parish location. This new ministry center will give us the space to better train our small group and ministry team leaders so that we can launch new parishes in the years to come!

A Center for Counseling & Recovery

Too often we get stuck in our discipleship journey of following Jesus because of our past or present struggles. We desire every person who comes in contact with our ministry to experience the freedom that comes from Christ. This new ministry center will give us the space to start a counseling center, recovery gatherings, and more support groups.

A Home for District Fellows

We believe we have a unique calling as a church to focus on developing leaders who are called to local church and city-reaching ministry. This facility was originally built as a 22-room dormitory in 1940 for Dominican Sisters and then Jesuit Priests who were studying for pastoral care. Impact DC will enable us to provide housing to expand our District Fellows program! District Fellows is a one-year church- based leadership intensive for the next generation of church leaders.

A Hub for DC127
DC127 has the mission to reverse the foster care and adoption wait list in DC. This ministry started out of our church in 2013. Impact DC will help provide DC127 with expanded office, training, and event space to help equip 15+ church partners throughout the city to care for children and families in crisis.  
A Residence for New Justice Ministries

We will be tithing the first 10% of what we raise through Impact DC to support development and programming for our new ministries. Think – venture capital fund for justice! One of the works we believe God is calling us to start is an affordable housing ministry to help care for the 76,000+ people in our city on a waitlist for housing. We want to set aside seed funding to help start the development and programming of new justice ministries.

Our Goal
$1.7 million is the amount we are seeking to raise over the next two years to renovate this property and launch these dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When does fundraising start?

A. We will be sharing more details about Impact DC with the church during the month of March and are asking people to make their first gift and pledge by Community Sunday which is April 2, 2017.


Q. Why do we need to renovate?

A. This building was built in 1940 so there are many things we need to do to bring the building up to code for safety and accessibility purposes. In addition, all of the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems have already reached beyond their life expectancy and need to be replaced.


Q. What if I am moving from DC soon?

A. We know that many folks in our church are committed to coming alongside lifelong DC residents to make a difference in DC even beyond their stay here. Therefore many people are committed to being a part of Impact DC over these next two years whether DC is their home or elsewhere.


Q. What if my financial situation changes?

A. We understand that unforeseen life changes happen. We encourage people to give based on current financial situation, and make adjustments as they are led by God.


Q. Will the church continue to drive other giving initiatives (i.e. Advent) or will those take a backseat to Impact DC?

A. We will continue our tradition of giving to our Advent Offering, like we do every December, as well as giving opportunities to help with specific needs beyond the walls of our church.


Q. Are we starting a new parish in Brookland?

We will undoubtedly have new opportunities to minister to the Brookland neighborhood given this new space which we are excited about. However, the purpose of this ministry center is not to plant a parish in Brookland at this point.


Q. Does this new ministry center divert from our church's original vision of meeting in schools and homes?

A. We are still committed to meeting in schools on Sundays and in homes for small groups. This ministry center will help us free up more resources to do the work that God has always called us to do in the city.


Q. How did we get to the $1.7 million goal?

A. Based on the needs of the project and the financial capacity of our church from our giving history up to this point.


Q. How will we pay for the new ministries?

A. Start up funds for a new justice ministry will be paid for through the first 10% given to Impact DC. The other ministries will be paid for through our general operating fund and through Impact DC gifts that are above our $1.7 million goal.

Commitment Sunday