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Each December we take up a special offering that we give away to help serve those most in need locally and globally. This year’s Advent Offering includes five major categories: church planting, local partners, national partners, global partners, and emergency relief. By giving generously and sacrificially, we have an opportunity to be a blessing to our neighbors here in DC and across the world. To see our Advent Booklet, click here


This year’s Advent offering will go toward the following organizations:

Church Planting
  • La Chapelle - Planting a church in Ottawa, Canada
  • Mavuno - Planting two culture-defining churches in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Thirst Church DC - Planting a church in Brightwood, DC
  • Neighborhood Church DC - Planting a church in Glover Park, DC
  • Second Evangelical Church, Athens, Greece - Planting a church in Zografou, Athens
Local Partners
  • College Students in DC - InterVarsity Christian Fellowship working with students and faculty on U.S. college and university campuses.
    We will support Intervarsity Christian Fellowship staff who are part of The District Church reach students at George Washington University, American University, Georgetown University, and the University of Maryland. 

  • Little Lights - empowering underserved youth with practical assistance and the love of Christ
    We will sponsor 25 students living in DC public housing to attend summer camp.

  • Samaritan Inns - helping combat homelessness and addiction through providing housing and recovery services.
    We will sponsor a start-up program in Columbia Heights for women who are in long-term recovery from substance abuse by providing financial management and employment preparation training.

  • DC127 - recruiting and supporting foster and adoptive families through the church. 
    We will help reverse the foster care and adoption waitlist in DC by helping recruit more church partners in order to care for children and families in crisis.

  • Just Homes - mobilizes and equips churches in DC to meet the housing needs of their communities.
    We're funding to sponsor 10 families to move-in into new low-income housing units

  • Addiction & Recovery Ministry - Help The District Church launch an Addiction & Recovery Ministry in 2020 to help our church become a place where sick people can come to find healing.

  • Apartment Life - Apartment Life partners with apartment owners and local churches to place Christian teams into apartment communities to help create a sense of community and provide care for residents.
    We will help reach apartment residents for Christ in Ballston, Virginia by sponsoring regular community events.


National Partners
  • One Church - Comerio, Puerto Rico
    We will sponsor a new community emergency hub in one of the most vulnerable places in case of a natural disaster by providing new cisterns, showers, and AC units.

  • Arrabon - Richmond, VA
    We will sponsor a summer internship in Richmond, VA for young emerging leaders to write songs for the urban church.

  • World Relief - Family Reunification Fund
    We hope to help reunite separated families and children by sponsoring legal services from start to finish for a family claiming asylum.
International Partners
  • Life Raft International (Thailand) - supporting those who flee persecution from their home countries by helping people obtain food, shelter, and provide educational scholarships for refugee children.
    We will provide 340 packages of emergency meals for hundreds of families who are imprisoned at the Immigration Detention Center in Bangkok.

  • Questscope (Jordan) - walks alongside young people whose lives are ravaged by war and poverty by providing emergency assistance, alternative education, and mentorship.
    We will sponsor Questscope’s Youth RESOLVE program in Jordan to help provide formerly incarcerated youth with a path to a positive and hopeful future.

  • Christiana Children’s Home (India) - serves destitute, orphaned, and poor children by providing food, education, and medical care with priority given to children with HIV.
    We will help raise support for the school to hire teachers with a higher level of English. In addition, using the funds raised we can help build new classrooms and programs that will make the school self-sustainable for new kids and families.

  • Fuel Youth (Liberia) - development of schools and educational opportunities across Liberia, with the hopes of raising up the next generation in a country that is making a come back from a long civil war and subsequent Ebola outbreak.
    We will sponsor three new classrooms at United Christian Academy outside Monrovia to accommodate growth in the school. In addition, with the funds raised, we will also help purchase an engine for a recently built boat to help transport children across the river to United Christian Academy in Cape Mount.

  • Peace and Hope (Ecuador) - Coming alongside individuals, families, and communities in Latin America who are living in poverty, so that they can live with dignity, free from violence and injustice.
    We will support the mobilization of local churches that help provide pastoral and practical support to Venezuelan migrants, most of whom are women and children, at risk of being trafficked and further abused.

  • Kasuito Primary School (Nairobi, Kenya) - Through our partnership with Mavuno Church, we will help Kasuito Primary School, a school that only has 5 small buildings, but services over 600 hundred children on a daily basis.
    We will expand a major renovation at the school for toddlers and children that include: cementing the floors and painting classrooms, a kitchen to facilitate the school feeding program, a nursery, and staff room for teachers.

  • World Renew (Uganda) - Lauren Zumbrun Ranck was one of The District Church’s founders. Lauren and her husband Eric run a ministry that supports educational and peacebuilding organizations in East Africa.
    We will support multiple educational programs on a peacebuilding radio station in East Africa.

  • New Generation (Burundi) - New Generation is a Christian ministry started by Pastor Dieudonne Nahimana focused on training, ministering and equipping street children to become the future leaders of Burundi.
    We will help provide food, shelter, and education for the street children of Burundi.

  • Children Community Center (Transnistria, Moldova) - The Children Community Center is dedicated to stopping social orphanhood through the support of children and families in difficult life circumstances and through the provision of financial, psychological and other necessary assistance.
    We will sponsor 25 orphan kids by providing hot meals, tutoring, and other assistance.

Emergency Relief

This fund will help provide emergency relief and benevolence for individuals and families in crisis in our church and with our ministry partners as they respond to crises in their local communities in 2020.


Church Planting:  $30,000
Local:  $55,000
National:  $15,000
Global:  $46,000
Emergency Relief:  $15,000
Total goal = $156,000




Thanks for partnering with us to help advance God’s Kingdom in DC and beyond!