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Columbia Heights Parish


Columbia Heights Educational Campus
3101 16th St NW

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10:00am & 11:30am

Kids' City  offered only at 10am service.




Aaron Graham



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Luke 2 - A Poem

Posted by Amy Sawyer on

A poem, written by Amy Sawyer, inspired by Luke 2. Luke 2 By Amy Sawyer   Whose house do you belong to? What line? Which family? How far out of Egypt? Traveling from Jerusalem or Babylon? Or Syria? God’s scattered people, now is the time to return to the home of your...

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Tags: advent, christmas, jesus, mary

Big News!

Posted by Aaron Graham on

Over the last several years, we have been praying as a church about a set of what we’ve called God-Sized Dreams. These are things we believe God is calling us to but we don’t have the resources or people to make them happen. What this means practically is that we have been praying...

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A Church for the City Spoken Word

Posted by Ajibade Jegede on

(Intro) You know sometimes it’s as if the universal church Has a split personality One side sees serving God as a formality While the other seeks to obey God in totality (*Note: The words on the right represent words spoken by the Worldly Church)   To coin a phrase “It be...

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Tags: learning to live, spoken word, a church for the city

Why I Go To Israel-Palestine

Posted by Jordan Wilson on

Why I Go To Israel-Palestine “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (Matthew 5:9) I recently heard a commentary on this verse – likely from Stott, Nouwen, Wright, or maybe a wise friend – that spoke of how those who are peacemakers bear...

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Tags: middle east, peace, reconciliation, israel/palestine

Fearless Summit

Posted by Beverly Lwenya on

If you’re interested in going to Kenya, Mavuno Church, our partner church in Nairobi, Kenya, will be hosting it's annual Fearless Summit from June 7th-9th. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the global church, about being on mission at your workplace and to connect with other...

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Tags: global church, fearless summit, mavuno church

2016 Annual Report

Posted by Beverly Lwenya on

The District Church has just released our 2016 Annual Report! As we turn 6 years old, our Annual Report helps us look back at the year that past and look forward to what’s next for The District Church. You’ll find a snapshot of our finances, stories of life change and growth. You...

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Mykeshia McNorton's Baptism Testimony

Posted by on

Why are you getting baptized? Didn’t you get baptized as a child? You don’t need to do it again! These were some of the questions and comments I received after telling friends that I planned on getting baptized. I suppose at that moment I realized how personal my relationship with...

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Jamie Mera's Baptism Testimony

Posted by Jamie Mera on

What was your life like before Christ? I would best describe my life before Christ as unfulfilled. There were many times where I could look around me and feel that I had every reason to feel happy, yet I often felt I was just going through the motions. Basing my self-worth on material...

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Grace Wu's Baptism Testimony

Posted by Grace Wu on

I have always been a good kid since I was little. I never caused any trouble for my parents when they were raising me. My life was neither dramatically exciting nor boring. It was fairly unimpressive. I did not know what was missing in my ordinary life, but my mom always tells me that I will be...

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East Side Partners with Playtime Project to Help Homeless Kids

Posted by Melissa Okeefe on

The East Side Parish is partnering with the Playtime Project to provide backpacks and school supplies for children experiencing homelessness at DC General Family Shelter. We are aiming to fill 160 backpacks by August 13th.You can help by: Purchasing individual items for a...

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