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Thanks for your interest in working with us at The District Church. We would love to have you pray about joining our team or sharing this with someone you know who may be interested.

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Kid’s City Director 

Supervisor: Executive Pastor/ Families Pastor 

This dynamic role entails raising a movement of next-generation leaders who are well-discipled and fearlessly changing their world. The person will do this through, overall leadership, direction, planning, organizing, and executing the curriculum of Kids’ City. They will also recruit volunteers and parents, equipping them to achieve goals and objectives that will intentionally disciple our kids. 

The purpose of Kids’ City is to provide a safe and fun discipling environment where children are able to learn about Christ. Our kids are able to hear the gospel, see the gospel lived out, and be invited into a relationship with him. Additionally, this area of ministry is to equip parents to be the primary disciplers of their children and also be the bridge to the youth ministry 


  1. The Director will oversee the discipleship systems and processes for kids of all ages from birth through middle school.
  2. Recruit and retain volunteers to lead and disciple the different age groups.
  3.  Disciple and train volunteers on age-appropriate teaching techniques. Train on how to disciple children of all ages and how to connect with parents/guardians.
  4. Be the champion, advocate, and ambassador for Kids’ City.
  5. Supervise Kids' City Coordinator, as well as provide support and be a bridge to the Youth City Coordinator.
  6. Provide leadership and guidance in creating curriculums that are aligned to our mission, vision, beliefs, and values and that are age-appropriate to help children mature through each stage.
  7. Develop relationships and partnerships with parents in ways that they will become actively engaged in the discipleship process of their kids.
  8. Increase collaboration and participation from the other ministries by partnering with the other ministry leaders.
  9. Regular training and equipping of volunteers.
  10. Organize Kids' City to function at its best in order to accomplish our goals and objectives.
  11. Seek to lead families to know Jesus and to live out their God-given purposes in life.
  12. Work in collaboration with other ministries (eg. discipleship, worship, prayer, outreach, counseling) to provide spaces of discipleship and ensure that parents are being provided with resources to lead their children. 
  13. Manage the onboarding process of all volunteers. Complete all background checks and applications for volunteers. Interview all new volunteers and train them in alignment with our vision, mission, and goals.
  14. Ensure that our data management in our church system is up to date on a regular basis. 
  15. Be the liaison maintaining communication between the church and families.
  16. Connect families within The District Church with one another through special events
  17. Plan and facilitate all baby dedications. 
  18. Coordinate baptism training for children. 
  19. Plan regular special events that have a spiritual focus for children to interact with each other and volunteers. 


  • Commitment to Christ 
  • Commitment to vision, mission, and values of The District Church 
  • Ability to lead diverse families and motivate them 
  • Ability to recruit, retain and train volunteers 
  • Attentive and responsive to administrative details 
  • Ability to show initiative and meet deadlines 
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-cultural environment 
  • Submission to The District Church Leadership Covenant 

This is a full-time position with benefits. 

To apply, email with a cover letter & resume.

director of operations

Supervisor: Executive Pastor

Overview: The Director of Operations is responsible for overseeing finance, facilities, and human resources at The District Church (TDC). The goal is to ensure that TDC operates in an efficient and effective manner in order to faithfully advance its God-given mission. The Director of Operations is expected to be experienced in leading and managing a team. He or she is also expected to be experienced in HR best practices in order to effectively hire and onboard new staff. The Director of Operations should be very organized and good with creating and maintaining systems that enable staff and ministries to thrive. The Director of Operations works closely with the Executive Pastor to ensure that staff are supported and aligned as they minister to the congregation and community.



●  Committed to Christ as your Lord and Savior

●  Commitment to spiritual growth and to a spiritually healthy lifestyle

●  Represent TDC in a manner consistent with its values and mission


Human Resources

●  Support the hiring and onboarding/orientation / off-boarding of all new staff members

●  Ensure we are in compliance legally and following best practices

●  Oversee and reinforce employee handbook policies

●  Oversee employee benefits (health care, retirement, life insurance, vacation, sick time, leave policies, continued education)

●  Train staff and ministry team leaders to understand TDC systems and best practices related to finance, operations, and any newly created systems

●  Managing contracts and relationships with contractors.


●  Serve as the main point of contact with our Accounting Firm

●  Oversee accounts receivable and payable

●  Oversee employee payroll and timesheets

●  Support internal budget creation process with staff and create a timeline to ensure budget gets completed & finished on time

●  Review and track financial stewardship for ministry team budgets & staff expenses on a monthly basis

●  Assist staff in tracking and managing their budget areas

●  Revise financial policies annually and make adjustments based on feedback from auditors or staff

●  Ensure property tax exemptions are maintained for properties

●  Direct, track and manage operations budget areas

●  Managing contracts and relationships with contractors


● Supervise Director of facilities

     ○  Oversee facility management and vendors at all TDC owned properties

     ○  Oversee contracts with rental spaces

     ○  Grow TDC facilities team to provide support as needed


●  Ensure all TDC owned devices are functioning properly

●  Provide support to all staff members using G-Suite, CCB, and Slack

●  Ensure staff have equipment and software needed to succeed in their ministry areas

●  Oversee online security

Required Skills

●  Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication

●  Organized and detail-oriented

●  HR experience

●  Management experience

●  Proficiency in Word and Excel and G-Suite

●  Flexible & can adapt to any environment

●  Self-starter

●  Strong critical thinker

●  Creative problem solver

●  Good listener

●  Strong interpersonal skills

●  Project management


●  Committed to Christ and to the mission of TDC. Understands and fits the values, mission, and culture of TDC.

●  Believes administration and management is a vital area of ministry and sees this as one’s calling

●  Maintains a high level of confidentiality

●  Ability to create, maintain and improve systems

●  Ability to multi-task and work efficiently on multiple projects

●  Task oriented, teachable

●  Ability to anticipate future needs to facilitate successful planning / scheduling

●  Ability to take initiative and prioritize projects

●  Tenacious and assertive

●  Willingness to work some evenings and weekends

Full-time paid salary with benefits

If interested, please email cover letter & resume to