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21 Day Fast: Deliverance

Posted by Kimberly Williams on

“When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.” Psalm 34:17 

One of my favorite old testament stories is the story of the deliverance of the Israelites in Exodus. I was a child the first time I heard how God used Moses to deliver his people from the hand of Pharaoh and the Egyptians. I was in awe that God would hear a mother in desperation as she placed her child in a basket, that God would then manipulate the wind and the waves so the baby would flow right into the palace quarts where Pharaoh’s daughter bathed and, that baby would be the one God used to bring deliverance to his very own people. I was fascinated by God’s plan, his strength and his wisdom. The way that He appeared to Moses and made a promise to redeem them, the way God showed strength with plague after plague, miracle after miracle and the way God ultimately delivered his people so they would be free to worship him.  I felt like, “Wow, this is the God I serve and that God is now my father because of what Jesus did on the cross.”

We know that God will go to great lengths to redeem and rescue those he loves and often God has a plan of deliverance for us, even before we realize we are in bondage. God wants to deliver you from anything that holds you captive. Whether it is sin, or oppression, sickness or addiction, the Lord loves us so much that he wants us to be free. 

As I grew older, I began to realize that I myself needed this very same deliverance. Whether it was from systematic oppression or habits of sin, we need the same God to do in and for us what He had done through and for Moses. And we can't stop there, God wants us to surrender our lives of freedom to bring about freedom and deliverance for others, just like Moses.

Deliverance in its simplest form is the act of being rescued or set free. However, deliverance is not just the physical act of God removing a thing or a person. It is not just God shifting a situation. Deliverance engages the physical, spiritual and emotional. It frees us from captivity (Luke 4:18-19), it breaks the chains of injustices (Isaiah 58:6) and it changes the hearts of the people (Jeremiah 24:7).

God can and will deliver you, just ask and believe that he will do it. And know that the process of deliverance or the journey to freedom is just as important as the destination. In it, he builds your faith, your courage and your character, and changes your heart. Let us pray.

Father God, I'm here before You today seeking both deliverance and healing.  I know you desire to see me delivered from all that keeps me bound. Deliver me for I'm in no condition to handle this by myself. Forgive me for the ways I have kept myself tethered to things that don’t please you.  Set me free now in the Name of Jesus and help me to walk in freedom so I can worship you. Amen.

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