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A Church for the City Spoken Word

Posted by Ajibade Jegede on


You know sometimes it’s as if the universal church

Has a split personality

One side sees serving God as a formality

While the other seeks to obey God in totality

(*Note: The words on the right represent words spoken by the Worldly Church)


To coin a phrase “It be like”:

Hi you look familiar like we’ve met before

I’m Church, Worldly Church

The Lord must have something special in store

Well I’m Learning Church!

It’s great to meet you and see God work

We like to meet more fam

In the midst of growing

Serving the Great I AM

To transform the community sowing

Seeds in and out of church walls

Going wherever God calls

For He also moves mighty and tall

Far beyond these halls

Y’all do great things and actually

Someday Bro. L.C you have to come see

Our church building and sanctuary

It seats 1000 and it’s got a bowling alley

And a movie screen in our lower gallery

A state of the art sound system

And…oh yes, our food pantry

So those who can’t fend

Can feed their families

Happily, for your services we praise God!

For how you bless those who in poverty lurk

And surprisingly some find it odd

That we like being a blessing church

Domestically and internationally

Creatively and classically

With bible studies at shelters

For the young and elders

As well as tutoring students

While DC127 blesses the foster care 9/11 with prudence

Who’s sense wouldn’t see what you do is amazing

Helping out neighborhoods is well worth praising

Saving those in need from sheer calamity

We should all be able to say “Bam that’s me!”

But that sounds really expensive though

How does your church even begin to grow?

When in community you’re investing all that dough…

You know I wonder if it’s really worth it bro

So know this Bro. Worldly C.

Often times it’s not at all easy

We get ridiculed for feeling free

To pray for our coworkers

Or those on the street

Even in our schools

Where so many ungodly things R cool

Yet our suffering pales in comparison

When 4 faith some are in unfair prisons

Where Jesus believers are fatally targeted

So the gospel can’t be openly marketed


Targeted for death, wait…what, suffering?

We don’t really preach or have studies covering

Those topics

That make us so sad that tears pour out our optics

Feel good ministry is what we’re about

Encouragement, Inspiration, Elation is how we opted

Doesn’t focusing on suffering bring pain and doubt?

Out of necessity we preach all of the gospel truth

For that’s what unites us

While others change their stance like Clark Kent in a booth

We believe God’s Word is the only path we trust

So we strive to serve the city

Failing to would be a dire pity

Since it’s painfully clear

What happens when the church freezes in fear

Rare that is Brother Church

But what about your numbers

See we always recruit

Members since uh God never sleeps or slumbers

That’s how we know we’re being effective

The more we have means we’re doing something right

Yet we’re kind of selective

We have a certain type

Of member we keep in our sights

Right in the city, the church and our hood

We know that the devil is up to no good

Yet we can’t let the wicked trump our focus

Since he’d love to swarm down our faith like locusts

Failing to rally around God’s cause

Makes our chances for victory thin like gauze

It’s much better to be strong like a three part cord

For lately division is something we can’t afford

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