A Journey Through the Book of Romans

by Aaron Graham on January 21, 2018

Thanks for joining on this journey through the book of Romans! Over the next 10 weeks, we will move daily through the first eight chapters of one of the most amazing and rich books in the entire Bible: Romans.

The apostle Paul writes to the church in Rome making the case that every single person is hopeless and helpless apart from Christ. The good news that Paul unashamedly proclaims throughout this book is that because of Christ’s voluntary and sacrificial death we have the opportunity to be brought back into relationship with the Father.

This is grace: that God still loves us even when we are not loving Him back. In Romans, Paul will teach us over and over that this grace, this gospel, is to be received by faith. Not by our own will, effort, or works.

Then, as if this is not radical enough that God would love us while we are still sinners, Paul takes it a step further and boldly proclaims that this gospel has the power to save not only Jews but Gentiles, too.

It’s not only the gospel for a divided world, it’s the gospel for the whole world! And it literally turns the world upside down.

Over the next few weeks, you will hear the words gospel, sin, grace, and faith a lot. They are central themes in Romans. I am praying that these words are not just distant theological statements but that the truth of the gospel takes deep root in your heart as you meditate and pray each day.

Each devotional will have an image with the verse of the day along with a short reading of a few verses. It will then have a reflection, a question, and a prayer. I encourage you to find a sacred space and time for about 15 minutes each morning to spend studying this passage and praying it over your life.

For those wanting to spend more time to go deeper in studying the history and context of Romans, please reach out to a TDC staff member who will send you additional resources!

If you are going through this with us at The District Church, we hope you will grab a TDC journal from your small group leader so that you can write down your prayers and how God is speaking to you through these next 10 weeks. If you are following us online, make sure to listen to our weekly sermon on Romans to follow along!

Let’s begin!

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