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Banquet Story

Posted by JR Denson on

From the special sermon "Stories of Banquets and Unlikely Tablemates"


Banquet Story

I love my friends. Need an excuse to hang.
I should put something together --to round up the gang.

I know! A party! It’s gonna be fun.
I’ll do up an evite and invite everyone.

I’ll cook, I’ll cater, I’ll get a moon bounce,
I rent some nice speakers,
On which I’ll announce:
“Hands up! Playin’ my song!”


It’s gonna be great:
Theme? Check.
Location? Check.
Must decide on a date…

I so can’t wait for this boo-jee-bourgeoisie-jamboree, because this…this is how it’s supposed to be.

Blood, sweat, tears.
Literally, blood, sweat, and tears.
That’s the last time I’ll ever use those garden shears.
But the yard? It looks good.
Atmosphere’s really great,
Epic-ness of this shindig? I cannot overstate.

The food has been ordered, the decorations are ready,
Even fixed that old table, which for years was unsteady.

I so can’t wait for this boo-jee-bourgeoisie-jamboree, because this…this is how it’s supposed to be.

So I’m here. I’m waiting. None yet have arrived.
Super extrovert moment: feel socially deprived.
Then I hear no one’s coming. I’m really confused.
What could have caused all my peeps to refuse?

I was so ready for the boojee-bourgeoisie-jamboree, but this…this isn’t how it was supposed to be.

Well what are they doing? What did they say?
How could my friends all treat me this way?

“Well Sabrina cited work,
And Nate didn’t feeling great.
Oh, and don’t expect Kate:
Heard she booked a hot date.”


Isn’t Sabrina’s fun-employed?
Last night Nate seemed swell!
And Kate’s tall dark and handsome is welcomed as well!

Well, that’s alright, it’s A-O-K!
I’ll just have fun and get loose any ol’ way!

I’ll send out a new evite, skipping those who ignored,
Print up some fliers and knock on some doors.

I’ll bring in everyone, come one and come all,
The ones who are despised, scare, or appall.

That girl that’s too black,
That guys that’s too white,
That single mother with kids who never act right.
That super weird guy who politics are all wack,
And that girl from my office who stay talking smack.
That guy who’s religion is super intense,
That classmate with opinions that always seem dense.
That guy on the bus who stepped on your shoe
Then looks you dead in the face and says: excuse you!

The girl who dresses trashy, oh you know who I mean,
And the homeless guy on the corner who you’d prefer go unseen.
The person whose life choices of which you do not approve,
Like, if they lived next door? Then surely you’d move.
Oh, it’s goin’ down; no food goes to waste,

We’ll bring some refugees who just got displaced.
The naïve, the annoying, the mother in law,
The pen clicker, nose picker, who makes that noise with his straw.
The girl that’s not pretty, the guy that looks hood,
The hippies upstairs you’re sure are up to no good.
The addict, ex-convict, the mental ill,
Last on your list you’d call to come fill.

I’ll bring in these neighbors, both known or unknown,
And for the kids make the moon bounce a no-adult zone.

I don’t seek repayment, but only your love,
Which I refuse for this house to be destitute of.

I so can’t wait for this boo-jee-bourgeoisie-jamboree, because this…this is how it’s supposed to be.


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