East Side Launches Christ City Church

by Aaron Graham on August 03, 2017

In May, we announced that the East Side Parish, which began four years ago, is going to launch out as its own autonomous church this summer. I wanted to let you know that things are moving forward as planned with this transition. The East Side will be re-launching this Sunday, August 6th as Christ City Church.

Please pray for Christ City Church as they step into a new season of ministry. This has been a big transition at the leadership level for both communities, because we have been so closely tied together as parishes.

We at The District Church have always invested in planting new churches and have highlighted this recently by having three of our church planting partners  preach in Columbia Heights. Yet the planting of the East Side represents a unique investment. You all have been so generous, not only through giving financially, but also through sending leaders to help advance God’s work in reaching this neighborhood.

For myself and for many TDC staff, this transition has been hard. It has been sad to no longer work with our dear friends and partners in ministry who are leading the transition of the East Side community.

Still, we sense that God is in this transition and that He is leading us. We believe that this change will actually help both congregations to flourish even more, and help us reach more people for Christ in the city.

I honestly believe that for us at The District Church, the best is yet to come and that we are still laying the foundation for what God has in store for us in terms of Kingdom impact.

I ask you, this week in particular, to please pray for Christ City Church as they launch. Pray that they would thrive in this new season of ministry and reach many, many people for Christ.

Aaron Graham, Lead Pastor, The District Church

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