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Posted by Brooke Owens on




By Brooke Owens


I'm gonna be rreeall honest, here
my gratitude - so-called - of late
has been a little
well, shall we say
itty? bitty?
 Well, no, see - we sh-sh-shouldn't say IT that way
should we?
no! not on the LORD'S DAY,
such language!!! - my mom would say
suffice to say, my, uh EXUBERANCE of GRATITUDE!
(yay, Pop, FIZZ!)
Look how great life is!
has been a little less-than
i guess its more like "it is what it is"
Ok, truthfully?
it's more like abducted in a black van
like, grabbed in the dark alley! and,
taken to a far off land,

it's been hustled away

stripped of gratitude's stain,
and what of me has remained?
feels like a shell,
left here for dead
the tone in my head
has been more on the dark side,
like, lately it's been more of a
 {heavy breath in/out}
Luke, I am your father kinda ride

And so, i find myself
in this inky place
reliving each disgrace
and i'm counting my disses
and naming my scabs
wait, gross!
because on days/months/years like this
- in a thankless desert of want and despair
seeing all brokenness with no eye for repairs
I'm fooled into thinking my LOSSES
are ALL that I HAVE...

and that's no way to live!

Snap!        [snap in real life as you say it]
A lightbulb
flash! Pop! Bang!
it's all Haaaaalelujah up in here
like i heard how the angels had sang
and the fog - it got cleared
and as i'm brought into focus
and...for the split-est of seconds
i remembered... what hope is
and that got me to thinking
as tiny shards of light started seeping
- sneaking their way back into my being

what was i thinking?

it seems all that I've been tracking lately
is my have-NOTS
so much so that I forget about
all the goodness that I've already GOT

how does my obsession get so flipped?
my perspective, so tipped
that i wallow in want
and ignore what's been freely given?
it's like i'm flaunting my bad attitude
trippin' on non-gratitude
lusting after my lack,
i need to learn some life hacks
to keep me better on track.
cause lately?
its all been super outta whack

my life.
just the simple breath
- in and out
is a gift of more worth
than anything else i've been whining about
this realization
even for just a moment,
drowns out
all the criticism and self-doubt
and the coveting of those who seem to have
that which i find myself without
i've been so preoccupied with what i've been denied
that i've ignored that with which is within, behind, and beside

man, sometimes i'm a nasty lil banshee!

but otherwise?
look around
like, i'm fine.

did I,
do I,
and sadly even will I - ?
waste so much time,
starting beef nonsense over what a'int mine?

sure, I got problems,
and some of 'em
is real real
but i can't keep harpin'
how i got
the raw end of the deal.
because, honestly?
that's what'll kill me
and i can't go out like that.

it's enough.
I have plenty to feed me
and family.

oh, and this whole Jesus pardoning my sin thing?
i got that too,
and that noise is FREE
with a forever-long guarantee.  

it's enough.

it's become my mantra.
and believe me,
 i don't utter it lightly.
we all got for-real stresses to carry.
but just because life can be pretty scary,
or sometimes it feels more like a hail-Mary
don't make it less true

let me say it again:
it's enough

and in that simple confession
i find fragments of faith
start to rally
who knew
that a simple "thank-you"
could be such a dope ally
towards getting my heart right?

and that's when i came to epiphany number two:
if right now
in the full ick of the suck
i can still breathe out,
"it's enough"

if in my dark shadow days,
i can claim bounty in the ways
for which I've been provided for,

if, in the presence of pain,
i can count as gain,
the number of sunsets i've witnessed,
or the sweetness of songs like bootylicious
or the list could go on and on and on
and that's kinda the point.

can you imagine?
no, i'm for real,
close you lids,
bow your heads,
and IMAGINE...

if we can feast in famines,
and dance amidst death threats,
and murmur gratitudes while gunfires graze us...

then guess what?
there'll be so much more than chicken butt
at that banquet we'll be at one day,
i'm talking shipley's donuts for days! ya'll
in n out burgers made the animal way,
just the insides of twinkles all lined up in cups
gummy bear showers that won't let up
texas BBQ, carolina BBQ,
forever free frosties from Wendy's
no limit on refills of juices fresh squeezed
and organic???
it's gotta taste waaaaaaay better than TJs
like produce that is dripping with the taste of a perfect summer day
food that nourishes and in no way causes us harm
no allergies, or disease,
smelly gas, or weight-gaining calories,
just pure. epicurious-eat-your-heart-out deliciousness!

OK maybe your feast might be slightly different,
but don't worry.
i'm pretty sure it's all made to order...

ok. seriously. now i'm starving.

but get the idea?
in spite of lack,
we profess gratitude for that which we have
and we find that it is enough...
for now...

but one day:
Jesus is gonna start the party
like, for reals
and then he's gonna drop the mic
and go get himself a sandwich.
and probably a glass of "water"
because we all know how he likes to party
it's gonna be epic.