Find a Small Group That's Right for You!

by Amy Graham on September 06, 2015

We are excited to have more small groups than ever before as a part of our community! Over 40 groups are meeting in DC, VA and MD. Small groups are very much the backbone of our church and is the place where discipleship and spiritual formation happens. We are excited to see people deepen in their faith, build community with others and serve the city through our small groups!

While on the website you can search for a group by type (coed, men, women, etc.), location, and day of the week. We also thought we would include this blog post sectioning off the groups based on topics or theme, so that if you are looking for something specific, you might find it a little more easily.


Outreach Focus 

New or Returning to Faith 


Special Topics 

Special Books 

Books of the Bible 


Tags: community, discipleship, justice, small groups, worship

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