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Grace Wu's Baptism Testimony

Posted by Grace Wu on

I have always been a good kid since I was little. I never caused any trouble for my parents when they were raising me. My life was neither dramatically exciting nor boring. It was fairly unimpressive. I did not know what was missing in my ordinary life, but my mom always tells me that I will be complete one day.

Growing up, a lot of my relatives were Buddhists, and only a couple of them were Christians. For a long time, I was nurtured by both religious doctrines. During that time, I did not choose one over the other. Instead, I thought my life would be good by just being self-disciplined. Albeit, I was wrong. I was not aware that by not choosing a religion is what caused me to feel incomplete. I was not aware that I was chosen by God when he gave me the name “Grace”. I was not aware of that God’s words permeated into my heart gradually. I was not aware that the only way to assuage my broken heart was by choosing Him. It was five years ago when I started to uncover the veil of my heart and confront my true feelings.

Five years ago, I immigrated here by myself. A lot of people thought it was the craziest idea ever, but my mom told me that God will take care of me and I will need to believe it no matter what. She said, “When you arrive, the first thing you should do is to go to church.” That was the first thing I did after I got situated. I received a Bible that was customized for me since it has two languages side by side. It has been next to my bed since then. I have seen God using his power to create miracles in me since then. The past few years, my life has been bittersweet. Bitter because I have encountered so many difficulties. It was hard to fight for life on my own. Life was hard, the struggle was real. Sweet because I know every time when I am facing hardship, he will always send me an angel. He has helped me walk out of difficulties hand in hand.

My life was achromatic before Christ, now I feel fulfilled and complete. My personality, my value and the way I handle things have changed. Instead of being sad and getting angry about a job that I did not get, I believe that God has a better plan for me. I do not feel sad for the people or things that left my life, because I know that God knows they are not good for me. I might get a little upset when my day is not going well, but I understand that is just a test that God has given to me. I do not question or doubt his love for me because I fully trust him, even the things that are happening in my life and I do not understand the reasons behind it, I still fully trust in Him. I know He has His plan and I will know it later.

It is a great feeling when you feel you can fully trust someone. It is a great feeling when you know He is always here listen to you. It is a great feeling when you feel a real connection with Him. Without Him, I would not be who I am today nor I will not be where I am now. He has done so much to shape and better my life. It is my turn to show Him and show others that I am ready. I am ready to make this commitment for Christ. I am ready to make my life all about Him. I am ready to have Him take full control over my life. I am ready to be a real Christian. I am ready to be reborn.


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