Jamie Mera's Baptism Testimony

by Jamie Mera on August 28, 2016

What was your life like before Christ?

I would best describe my life before Christ as unfulfilled. There were many times where I could look around me and feel that I had every reason to feel happy, yet I often felt I was just going through the motions. Basing my self-worth on material accomplishments or valuing myself based on what others felt about me, led to an underlying feeling of anxiety which I felt constantly burdened by as I walked through life. I looked for ways to relieve this anxiety and this led to poor choices and decisions which only lead to further discontentment and numbness. The funny thing is, I have only been able to recognize these feelings since coming to Christ. Feeling his love, has allowed me to see and understand my past with a greater amount of clarity and truth.

Why did you decide to get baptized?

I started going to the District Church in April 2016. Church, at the time, was a curiosity for me. I never had a personal relationship before but I wondered what it would feel like to truly have faith. I felt guarded and an overwhelming sense that I didn’t really “belong” at church. Yet, there was something inside of me that thought, what did I have to lose by opening up to the possibility of truly believing in Jesus? Week by week, I slowly let the walls down and opened my heart to feeling the Holy Spirit.

What events have led you to this decision?

I used to think that in order to be baptized, I had to have all the answers to the questions I had about Christianity and what it meant to be a Christian in today’s society. That I had to have great knowledge of the Bible and be able to instantly put together a thorough and fact based argument for my faith in Jesus so that I could present in to any skeptics who questioned me. Through conversations with members of TDC, I have realized that what really matters is making the decision to follow Christ and having faith. It’s making the decision to give yourself fully to him, even with questions, even though you may not fully understand his plan for you, and knowing that you will be tested. I am getting baptized simply because I believe and I want to live a fulfilled life with Jesus.

How has Christ changed your life?

A break through for me came a few weeks ago listening to a sermon on identity at TDC. A specific part encouraged us to see ourselves the way God sees us. I can’t explain what exactly happened, but at that moment I felt a huge wave of emotion sweep over me and I teared up. For the first time, I felt that God did love me and saw me so differently then I saw myself. I didn’t feel shame; I just felt love. Since then I have felt a sense of peace and purpose that has started to become a constant presence and guiding force in my life. I am excited to be reborn and to see all the changes following Jesus will bring into my life.

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