Mykeshia McNorton's Baptism Testimony

August 28, 2016

Why are you getting baptized? Didn’t you get baptized as a child? You don’t need to do it again!

These were some of the questions and comments I received after telling friends that I planned on getting baptized. I suppose at that moment I realized how personal my relationship with Christ and Christianity was.

I grew up in a traditional Baptist church in Florida, where momma, grandma, and them went for years and years. When I was 7 or 8 I got baptized. My Mom remembers me wanting to be baptized, which may be true. I remember speaking into the mic in front of the entire congregation proclaiming that I believed in Jesus and that he lived, died, and rose again, and that his blood was shed to save me. I also remember thinking I would drown as I was dipped into the pool. The best thing about being baptized as a young person was eating the stale crackers and overly sweetened grape juice.

I was never a particularly bad child where others proclaimed “she needs JESUS!” I was a well behaved child, who followed the rules, and I suppose that mindset led me to walk up that aisle to proclaim that Jesus died for my sins; I knew that I was supposed to do it, but did I really believe?

I didn’t really really believe in Jesus until graduate school, but I suppose in that environment you will have many many “come to Jesus” moments. How else did I get through graduate school, the first to graduate in my cohort, and losing my grandmother (my g-ma, my last grandparent) a year before my graduation? I also found a wonderful teaching church which became my little family in Athens, GA.

Last year before I moved to DC, I had my hardest season thus far, my fellowship ended, I broke up with a dear friend, and I was lonely. But God had my back and squeezed those lemons (and added sugar) to my lemonade. During that time I learned how to appreciate what I had, the importance of giving back, and how to have faith when it didn’t seem like life was in my favor. I persevered, volunteered, found joy, played with my dog, ran outside, found free events, and cleaned out all my junk in my apartment.  Yes, it was scary to be jobless, and no, I did not want to move back home; but I had hope and faith. I know that God put that seed in me to endure and not to let my circumstances define who I was as a person. My old pastor used to say “it’s not all right but it’s alright,” that helped me through this time.

Now today, I make less, pay more, and my fellowship is ending, but I am happy and joyful. I know that I can get through this as I did before. I know that God has a beautiful future for me. The time felt right to me to be baptized as an adult who truly believes.

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