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Poem by Courtney Albon

Posted by Courtney Albon on

From the special sermon "Stories of Banquets and Unlikely Tablemates"


I want to be humble
because, in time,
it is the way that earns me a better seat.

I want to fill my table with
the poor, with those who need what I am giving,
because I know that someday
my effort will be seen.

I want to offer just enough,
deny just enough,
devote just enough,
of my time,
my energy,
my very last dollar --

I want to be the one who throws the feast.

God, I will make the list,
invite the stranger,
ask for nothing in return
except for your favor.
I want nothing --
except to be the one who has
something to give
in the first place.

I want to never be the one
who takes her seat at the table
that someone else set for her.
Who is reaching
for the hand that is extended.
Who is fed and cannot repay.
Who openly needs.

God, I want to always be so great
that I may choose to be humble.
To be so full
that I have no need.

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