Prayer of Faith to Proclaim God’s Truth Over Lies We Are Tempted to Believe About Ourselves

by Aaron Graham on August 27, 2019

I am loved

I am accepted

I am called


I have a renewed mind 

I have the mind of Christ

My mind is set on what the Spirit desires

Not what the flesh desires


I am loved by God

I am a child of God

The Holy Spirit lives within me 

I have authority over the enemy

He will not win. 


I am not a victim

I have a vision for my life

I will live, I will not die
I have purpose

I have been given spiritual gifts 

I am blessed to be a blessing 


Greater is Christ in me

Than the enemy in the world 

I take captive every thought

And make it obedient to Christ

Because I have the mind of Christ.


I Am No Victim - Kristene Dimarco 

Tags: prayer, battlefield of the mind

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