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Resources for How to Practice Sabbath

Posted by JR Woodward on

Last Sunday, we heard a message on the importance of sabbath and how when we cease interfering in the world we are acknowledging that it is God’s world, not ours.

We also walked through some key questions that you can ask yourself when trying to determine how you should spend your Sabbath.

Sabbath questions:

  • Is this activity life-giving or life-taking?
  • What gives me delight?
  • Do these activities bring me/us life, rest, hope, wholeness or does it drain us, pour us out, stress us out or weigh us down?
  • Is this about get-to or about have-to?
  • What’s on my to-don’t list today?

And here are additional resources that you can read that can take you deeper into how to experience sabbath:

  • Mudhouse Sabbath (Lauren Winner)
  • Soul Rest (Curtis Zackery)
  • Subversive Sabbath (A.J. Swoboda)
  • The Sabbath (Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel)
  • Living the Sabbath (Warren Wirzba)
  • Keeping the Sabbath Wholly (Marva Dawn)
  • Sabbath As Resistance (Walter Brueggemann)
  • “How to Keep Sabbath With Kids” (Rosie Villodas): loveinthedetails.com/how-to-keep-sabbath-with-kids/


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