Responding to the Coronavirus as the Body of Christ

by Aaron Graham on March 05, 2020

Dear Church,

As the coronavirus continues its spread across the US and world, there is much uncertainty. Uncertainty about how far it will spread and for how long. Uncertainty about whether it has already spread into Washington, DC, but has not yet been diagnosed. Uncertainty about whether the virus will dissipate as the weather warms up. Uncertainty about whether it will return again later this year.

It is in these uncertain times that we as the body of Christ have the opportunity to rise up and serve. We have the opportunity to rise up and serve our city. We have the opportunity to rise up and serve one another within our church. We have the opportunity to rise up and pray for the sick. We have the opportunity to rise up and offer hope where there is fear.

Matthew 9:35 tells us that “Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.”

The spread of the coronavirus is not God’s will. Jesus came to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom and to heal every disease and sickness. Let us as the body of Christ pray in faith that this pandemic would be reversed. And let us as the body of Christ do whatever is in our control practically to help prevent its spread.

Father God, we come to you now in Jesus name asking that you would touch and heal those who have been infected with the virus. We pray for a quick recovery and return of strength to sick bodies.

We pray for those who have already lost their life as a result of this virus. We pray that you would comfort those families and bring them hope in the midst of despair.

We pray for those who are fearful of getting sick. We pray you would give wisdom to each of us to know what to do practically to prevent the spread and to know what it looks like to fully trust in you.

We pray for the medical community who are on the frontlines responding to the virus and helping prevent its spread. We pray for their protection and for their peace.

We pray for the leaders of our city and our nation to have wisdom and courage to respond appropriately and with love.

And we pray for us as a church. We pray that you would protect us and our families from any infection. We pray that instead of sickness we would instead be on the frontlines caring for those in our community to help represent you and your ministry of healing to this world you love. Open up doors for us to share your love in practical and tangible ways.

We pray, in faith, in Jesus' name.

Church, we will keep you posted if there are any adjustments that need to be made to our church life and gatherings. Our staff is closely monitoring the situation and doing all the recommended prevention steps, particularly as it relates to our Sunday gatherings together.

Here are a couple of sites that are helpful in terms of FAQs and being prepared for Coronavirus:
Center for Disease Control
DC Department of Health

Together in Christ,

Pastor Aaron Graham

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