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Supporting Singles

Posted by Aaron Graham on

Supporting Singles

This last Sunday (which also happened to be Valentine’s Day) we talked about Singleness & Marriage.

We asked:

    • How are we to live as single people and as married people here on earth in light of eternity?
    • And how can we better support singles and married couples in our church?

Today we'll focus on how we can support singles in our church and tomorrow we'll look at how we can support married couples.

Let me first start with an apology. I feel like I have failed at times as your pastor over these last five years in helping create spaces to have more open and honest conversations about what healthy dating looks like in the church — or even how we live fully as single people, whether we want to be in a romantic relationship or not.

We need to talk about:

    • how we treat one another with dignity and honor, how we can be clear and gracious in our communication, and how we need to find our primary identity and value in Christ — whether things work out with a particular person or not;
    • how we lift up singleness, as Scripture does, as a godly virtue that actually frees you up to pursue God’s Kingdom in an undistracted way. Paul preached this and Jesus, the greatest example of who we are to be like here on earth, was a single and celibate man but lived a full life in the presence of God.

I want to help provide spaces in the church for these conversations, for discipleship and spiritual formation to happen in these areas of being single and being a Christian. What can unintentionally be communicated by churches is that once you get to marriage, then we will have stuff for you to help equip you; but when you are single, you just have to wait.

Here are a couple of things we will be doing as it relates to supporting singles:

This July, we'll be doing a sermon series that will unpack some of these questions and more:

    • How do you live faithfully as a single or married person?
    • How do you date in the church, outside of the church?
    • What if you have been in an unhealthy relationship and now are experiencing guilt and shame? Where can you go for healing?
    • What happens when I date someone in the church and it doesn’t go well?

We've curated a page of resources around relationships (applicable whether you're single, dating, or married) on our website. This is a good opportunity to grab a book or read some articles and discuss them with your friends. We are all being more formed by our surrounding culture than by the Word of God as it relates to relationships, which is why we must intentionally make plans to develop a God-centered vision for our lives and relationships.

This is only a beginning. I believe we can be a church that helps build up singles and married couples, for the glory of God and his kingdom.