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TDC's first Kids' Games Camp

Posted by Krista Cocozello on


You may have heard the phrase, “Kid’s Games Camp” said quite a bit within the past few months. In essence, Kid’s Games Camp was The District Church’s first Vacation Bible School. I volunteered as a “Crew Leader” for the Purple Crew, which was made up of all the 9-12 year olds that attended and wanted to share how the week went.

We had a lot of fun.

We danced and we sang. We ran through obstacle courses. We played basketball, soccer, and kickball. We painted. We made bracelets. We experimented with Mentos and soda. We played Sharks and Minnows. We had lip sync battles. Then, we danced and we sang some more.

The Purple Crew raved about the science experiments and the obstacles courses. By the second day, most kids wanted to be on stage dancing beside Kelly, our dance captain. Everyone fought over who would get to hold our beloved purple flag and who would lead the Purple Crew cheer. There was not a dull moment in the Purple Crew - that is certain.

We built relationships.

By the third day, the Purple Crew had shared a variety of inside jokes and hand games. Each crew leader had gotten to know a little about each kid including their background, likes and dislikes. I saw the personalities of my crew members unfold over the course of our time at camp. I knew who was excited to talk or share and who was content with only a few words. I knew who boasted about winning and who beat themselves up for losing. I had grown to care about my crew and appreciate the way God had made each of them. By the last day, I realized I wouldn’t know how their lives and relationship with God would develop over the coming years. It made me genuinely sad to say goodbye, but grateful to have been apart of their lives - even for a moment.

We learned about Jesus.

Each day in large group the kids heard a different part of the Gospel story - from the beginning of creation to the fall, from Jesus’ death to His resurrection. On the third day, a particularly important conversation happened during snack time. I gathered my small group at one table and we shared questions about the large group talk. We started to further define sin. The definition of sin expanded from just the wrong things we do, to the wrong and painful things that have been done to us. I could sense the unvoiced emotion and I saw the reflecting process happening behind each kid’s eyes. There wasn’t much more talking, but we decided that Jesus had died for those things too - the wrong, painful things that had been done to us - because they are a part of the brokenness in the world that Jesus saved us from. Since Jesus overcame, we too can overcome with Jesus. It was reminder for myself just as much as I believe it was for them.

I have no regrets about spending four days with the Purple Crew and the other children at Kid’s Games Camp this year. Truthfully, it challenged me in so many ways - in patience, in understanding, in listening, and in trusting God. I’d like to believe that somehow God used to me make a difference in lives of each kid - in the same way that each kid impacted my life.

I don’t know if I will be in DC next summer to volunteer at the next Kid’s Games Camp. However, for those of you who will be, I pray you deeply consider investing in the children at The District Church and at Kid’s Games Camp. They are truly worth the time and investment.

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