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There Is A River

Posted by Tommy Okeefe on

From the special sermon "Stories of Banquets and Unlikely Tablemates"

There Is A River

There is a river that makes glad the city of God.
Tell the whole world! Shout it out for everyone to hear!
There is a new King in town and He’s offering citizenship to everyone!
We’re building a New Family, A New Humanity, and EVERYONE is welcome.

So come as you are and join this new people!

Come Christian, Atheist, Religious and the Irreligious
Come buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Jew;
Come those who live by telling lies and those who seek to tell the truth,
Come lower, upper, middle class; high class, low class, and those with no class,
Come one percenter or 99,
Come break-even, above or below bottom line,
Come overly driven, manic and crazy,
Come couch-potato, listless and lazy,
Come Refugees and IDP’s,
Come those who suffer and those at ease,
Come oppressor and oppressed,
Come those who hide in fear of life and those who run in fear of death
Come pursuer and come pursued,
Come abuser and come abused
Come hungry, thirsty, wanting, needing,
Come bruised, damaged, broken, bleeding
Come those who have and those who don’t, those who weep and those who won’t
Come those who steal and hoard and take and use and harm and bend and break
Come bold, courageous, fearful or frightened
Come modern, pre-modern, post-modern, enlightened
Come liberal, conservative, moderate, and extremist
Come fundamentalist, communist, facist and socialist
Come futurist, nihilist, optimist, pessimist, dualist, naturalist, deist, elitist
Come one and come all
Come from near and from far
For there is a River that makes glad the city of God

Come to the river that makes glad the city of God,
A river that flows blood red with the power of Christ’s cross,
And lay down your guns and your swords and your bombs
And the implements that marked out the roots of your wars, and your struggles, and strife
Lay down your pursuits, your identity, your life. Let it all go.
Take up the cross. Take up His yoke...
And find life. Find LIFE!
find peace where you once knew war,
find friend where you once had foe,
Find love where you once knew hate
Find overflowing supply where you once knew overwhelming emptyness
For it doesn’t matter how deep the rift may go,
How dark the darkness grows
How far the breach has spread
How overwhelming the sense of dread
For Christ has killed the enmity, the enemy, the enemies,
inside of you, inside of me, outside of you, outside of me... once and for all.
He has suffered for the sinner and those sinned against
and has in his body, his family, his people, his temple, his new humanity
Created an opportunity  - An opportunity for EVERYONE -
For everyone to start over with a clean slate
A chance to serve and give and live and LOVE...

It is here at the cross that we all stand as equals,
It is here in Christ that all the old distinctions and boundaries and markers and lines are washed
away and in their place we find that we are truly one in Christ...
Made anew - ALL THINGS NEW!
Refashioned into the image of God,
Remembering afresh that we are all refugees looking for a home
In a world that is looking less and less like a place we can feel at home, or safe
So hear his voice and join the song of praise
A song sung by those from every Tribe, Nation, People and Language
A song that rejoices in the mighty victory won
When through His Death and Resurrection
Jesus was raised up to a triumphal place of victory,
where He sits as God finishes IN AND THROUGH HIM the work of uniting all things...
All things in heaven - and all things on earth
Reconciled, Redeemed, Renewed, Restored - New Creation.
Let us all find our home in this New King,
No longer refugees but citizens of the New Creation,
a place where tears, pain, sorrow, and strife
Are all absorbed and replaced by the boundless life - and the love,  of Jesus Christ
For there is a river that makes glad the city of God


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