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This Fall: New Music at TDC!

Posted by Jordan Wilson on

Click here for music you’ll be hearing at TDC this Fall

I’ve been weighing up whether or not to share this with everyone, or whether to keep it just within the worship team, but then this morning I was struck by the thought: ‘Music is a gift, so share it with as many people as possible. You idiot.’

A couple of months ago, all of The District Church’s (TDC) worship leaders got together to think about any new songs that we might want to introduce given the content in Luke we’re looking at on Sunday mornings between now and Christmas. Out of these conversations came 15 songs, old and new, that we felt fit the different themes and messages expressed in the Scripture (Luke 10-16). The songs are musically and lyrically fairly diverse, ranging from the kind of Hillsong-y rock you may have come to expect from TDC, to softer gospel songs, a couple of hymns with contemporary twists, and even some Irish-infused bluegrass-y numbers.

As you may have heard me mention this past Sunday in Columbia Heights, we are in a time when these songs are likely new to everyone. But our hope is that they will gradually become part of your soundtrack for this season and will help you remember the lessons we are pulling from the Gospel of Luke. I pray that they stick with you, that they challenge you, and that they paint a supporting and compelling picture of the portrait of Christ and His Kingdom that we’re given in our Sunday morning scripture.

I hope that as you read and reflect on Jesus’ experience at the home of Mary and Martha in Luke 10, the refrain from Tasha Cobb’s ‘For Your Glory’ may stick with you as she sings the simple desire, ‘I want to be where you are, I’ve got to be where you are’. 

Or, when thinking about how Jesus teaches us to pray in the early verses of Luke 11, you can now sing the same hallowed words to the tune given to us in Jon Foreman’s, ‘Your Love is Strong.’

And then there is a batch of songs about the Kingdom of God, arguably the overarching theme of these chapters of Luke. It’s coming, it’s like a mustard seed, it spreads to no known ends, and we’re all invited. But will we accept that all-important invitation?

I could list off a scriptural reference from Luke for each song but I want you to be able to sit with each one, to study the scripture, and to be able to draw your own lessons and parallels.

I pray that these melodies and notes bless you in the coming days, weeks and months. You can find the link to the Spotify playlist above, or why not right here.

Never stop singing,

Jordan Wilson

Worship Director, TDC

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