Why We Are Supporting Impact DC

by Frank O'Neill on March 29, 2017

Nina and I have been attending The District Church for over five years and we are so grateful to have found community here through our Small Group. These are the people that we do life with in DC. These are our friends with whom we share meals, holidays and birthdays as well as our burdens and our victories. We encourage and assist each other in the day to day activities as well as in the major events of our lives. We are so grateful for these friends and we consider them our DC family.

 TDC has also given Nina and I many opportunities to serve. One of these that we are most grateful for is DC127 and Safe Families as these organizations have given us the ability to minister to this community right in our own home. We have met some wonderful children and their parents as we have hosted them in times of crisis or when a parent is overwhelmed and needs a break. Nina and I have been able to get to know people that we would have never met any other way and have grown to love them. We consider it a privilege to be be involved in the mission to "reverse the list" in DC. 

We are excited about Impact DC and the potential that it offers this church and our community at large. I look forward to how God is going to use this building to enlarge the footprint of TDC in this city in ways that we cannot even imagine at this time. That is why we are supporting this project both in prayer and tangibly with our giving. What an opportunity we have to be forever "invested" in the work of God to our neighbors through our support of this project.

 ~ Frank O'Neill, Columbia Heights Chair, Impact DC 

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