We Are Gathering

We are excited to begin hosting in-person gatherings and to participate in worship together again!

About Upcoming Gatherings

The District Church is grateful that for the last year, we have been able to gather online and that has allowed us to continue advancing God’s kingdom. Gathering is at the core of God’s purpose. That makes “gathering” our core business. We see God gathering in the opening act of creation (Genesis 1:9) and we see Him doing this all the way until He gathers us (Revelation 19) for the great supper at the end. Several months ago Mayor Bowser cleared the way for places of worship in Washington, DC to begin gathering again. In following the Holy Spirit, and adhering to all health guidelines, it is time for us to begin gathering our people once again. Let us gather our people! Let us call them together. In every space. Online, in groups, and in person.

April 18, 2021

Faith Over Fear graphic 

On Sunday April 18 we will begin our sermon series titled, "Faith Over Fear". We have two in-person gatherings at our Ministry Center at 9 and 11 am. There will be live worship, live teaching, corporate prayer, and an opportunity to fellowship with one another. All will take place outdoors in the backyard of the Ministry Center under a tent. In order to follow safety guidelines an RSVP is required to attend and a limited number of people allowed. 

The District Church Ministry Center

1225 Otis St NE, Washington DC, 20017


Moving forward we plan to host in-person gatherings every Sunday as safety guidelines allow. At this point we cannot say with certainty what each of those gatherings will look like or where they will take place. We will keep this page up to date with information on upcoming gatherings as well as send out details in our weekly newsletter. If we require an RSVP for a gathering you can find the link to the form here, in our weekly newsletter, or under Events at least one week prior to the gathering. 

We are continuing to have online service every Sunday at 10am if you are not yet able to join us in person.

COVID Precautions

As we gather we will be following all health guideline:
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided
  • Wearing masks required
  • Observe social distancing 
  • Gathering outside when possible
  • Observe room capacity guidelines for indoor spaces
  • The HVAC individual unit for our Ministry Center comes with a hospital grade air filtration system
  • If you are exhibiting active symptoms of an illness we ask that you stay home

For families with kids:

Youth City

Youth City will continue meeting virtually every Sunday 11:15 am -12 pm and be hosting monthly in-person social events. For more information please contact