Learning to Live


The District Church designed this discipleship experience to help you learn the essentials of the faith and more about our church. Over the course of 10 weeks, we’ll walk together in learning to live like Jesus, with Jesus, and in Jesus. Individually and in community, we’ll discover what we were made for, the power of sharing our stories, the ways God works his transformation in us and through us, and the practices that will help us experience the joy of everyday life with God; we’ll also discover what we’re called to, the exciting work and mission God invites us into.

Learning to Live is not going to solve all your problems; it’s not going to remove all of the busyness or stress or anxiety from your life. But Jesus didn’t offer the eternal kind of life only to those who have it all together or who have a lot of time or margin. Jesus says, “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope.” You’re who he came for. He came to bring life to all of us, wherever we might be, whatever we might be facing.

We invite you to learn to live the Jesus way.

We want to be clear upfront about the cost that is involved. Everything that is worth doing demands something of us. The journey toward the good, God-filled life will require you to give of:

  • your time, as you show up to weekly gatherings and three half-day weekend experiences, and work through the daily readings and reflections
  • your money, to cover the workbook
  • your comfort, as you make new friends and as you share your own story

But we believe that the benefits of pursuing God far outweigh the costs, that the eternal kind of life we are invited into is worth the effort, and that the journey of Learning to Live will pay back all that you put into it and more. We believe God can change your life—and through you, the world around you. Are you ready for this?


There are five daily devotional pieces per week. Each devotional will take about a half hour, and my hope is that you see these devotional times not as “home- work” but as “soul-work.” Your soul is you—all of you—and our souls were made to be with God, so think of this soul-work as creating space in your busy schedule to intentionally pause and be present to God—to what he may be say- ing to you, to how he might be challenging you, and to where he might be leading you. Each devotional contains: 

  • Reading
  • Reflection questions, which are separated into three categories that reflect how God desires to engage with all of who we are, on every level: head (what we think), heart (what we feel), hands (what we do)
  • A daily dare—a small experiment in creatively responding and engaging throughout our day, whether it’s by taking a picture, saying something to someone, or finding a song
  • verse of the day for you to reflect on during the day
  • prayer

There are weekly verses from the Bible that encapsulate the theme of the week, which we would encourage you to memorize.There are weekly small group gatherings, where you can dig a little deeper, share your experiences from the week, and learn from others as well. Transformation happens when we engage with God individually and when God engages with us through others in. There will also be three weekend experiences: you will spend a half-day sharing your story and hearing others stories, a half-day practicing prayer, and a half-day serving with your group.


A Small Group is an important part of participating in the curriculum and holding yourself accountable in community, throughout the weeks. You will also need access to the curriculum through one of the following ways:

  • The free App and a journal
  • Purchasing a workbook ($15)