Sermons in: Galatians Whos In

July 29, 2012

Who's In?

As Paul closes his letter to the Galatians, we answer the question that...

July 22, 2012

Learning to Live Well

Are you choosing to use your freedom to live for Christ? #FruitoftheSpirit

July 15, 2012


Freedom makes certain things unavailable so we focus on what matters...

July 01, 2012

Sons Not Slaves

Learning to trust God rather than our own human effort. #ChildrenofGod...

June 24, 2012

Law or Grace?

Author and Professor Soong-Chan Rah shares how tempting it is to live...

June 17, 2012


Paul confronts Peter for his hypocrisy and argues we are all hypocrites...

June 10, 2012

People Pleasers

If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of...