Prayer Counselors 

Prayer counselors serve on Sundays and at other gatherings, praying for individuals who are seeking healing, guidance from God, or other petitions. We are looking for people mature in their faith who are comfortable seeking God’s answers for others and we ask people to serve at least once a month.

Intercessory team members pray for our church or for specific ministries in our church, meeting virtually or in person, or praying for requests shared electronically.

If you are interested in serving with the Prayer Team please contact our Pastor Amy Graham at

Prayer Gatherings

We host prayer gatherings each season that focus on healing around a specific topic. Make sure that you're subscribed to our newsletter for updates on next month's prayer gathering.

Need Prayer?

Do you need prayer? You can request prayer every week during our live online church service at 10 AM every Sunday. On our online church platform, you have the option to receive prayer from a trained prayer counselor via the chat or on Zoom

Do you need prayer today? Fill out the prayer request form and it will be sent to a member of the prayer team.

Prayer Request Form

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